Coffee Sessions #8

MLOps from the Perspective of an SRE

SRE's responsibility is not only for a particular product area but the whole company's area. There's a lot of challenges with making sure that everything is running smoothly. Services are up, developers are being blocked and responding to the constant fire that happens in the development world. Let's find out how MLOps is integrated into the eyes of an SRE.

In this episode

Neeran  Gul

Neeran Gul

Lead Site Reliability Engineer, BenevolentAI

Neeran is a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) who lives in London, United Kingdom. He's currently an SRE at BenevolentAI where he leads the SRE team. He enjoys technical writing and architecting cloud infrastructure. In his free time he loves to cycle in the countryside and promote open source projects.


David Aponte

David Aponte


David is one of the organizers of the MLOps Community. He is an engineer, teacher, and lifelong student. He loves to build solutions to tough problems and share his learnings with others. He works out of NYC and loves to hike and box for fun. He enjoys meeting new people so feel free to reach out to him!