Meetup #26

How to Leverage ML Tooling Ecosystem

In this talk, I'll demonstrate an example of an ML project development and production workflows which we build on top of our proprietary core - - using a number of open-source and proprietary tools: Jupyter Notebooks, Tensorboard, FileBrowser, PyCharm Professional, Cookiecutter, Git, DVC, Airflow, Seldon, and Grafana. I describe how we integrate each of these tools with, and how we can improve these integrations.


MLOps is an extremely broad topic, thus one tool can't solve all its issues. We believe that MLOps future is in integrations of numerous specialized tools with each other.

In this episode

Mariya  Davydova

Mariya Davydova

Head of Product,

Mariya came to MLOps from a software development background. She started her career as a Java developer in JetBrains in 2011, then gradually moved to developer advocacy for JS-based APIs. In 2019, she joined as a platform developer advocate and then moved to the product management position. Mariya has been obsessed with AI and ML for many years: she finished a bunch of courses, read a lot of books, and even wrote a couple of fiction stories about AI. She believes that proper tooling and decent development and operations practices are an essential success component for ML projects, as well as they are for traditional SD.



Demetrios Brinkmann

Demetrios Brinkmann


Demetrios is one of the main organizers of the MLOps community and currently resides in a small town outside Frankfurt, Germany. He is an avid traveller who taught English as a second language to see the world and learn about new cultures. Demetrios fell into the Machine Learning Operations world, and since, has interviewed the leading names around MLOps, Data Science, and ML. Since diving into the nitty-gritty of Machine Learning Operations he felt a strong calling to explore the ethical issues surrounding ML. When he is not conducting interviews you can find him making stone stacking with his daughter in the woods or playing the ukulele by the campfire.