Meetup #106

DevOps, Security, and Observability in ML

DevOps, Security, and Observability in ML In this talk we look at how you can build: MLOps processes on top of tooling stacks on top of infrastructure Click here ( for a deeper dive into what we’ll cover in these three points. Also, Luke gives a sneak peek of something totally new we're working on. We'll post Luke's topic on DevOps, Security, and Observability in ML in another video.

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Luke Marsden

Luke Marsden

Founder, MLOps Consulting

Luke is a passionate technology leader. Experienced in CEO, CTO, tech lead, product, sales, and engineering roles. He has a proven ability to conceive and execute a product vision from strategy to implementation while iterating on product-market fit. Luke has a deep understanding of AI/ML, infrastructure software and systems programming, containers, microservices, storage, networking, distributed systems, DevOps, MLOps, and CI/CD workflows.



Jose Navarro

Jose Navarro


Jose Navarro is a Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer making everyday cooking fun at Cookpad, where its recipe platform has more than 40 million monthly users. He holds an MSc in Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing from the University of Bristol. He is interested in Cloud Native technologies, serverless, and event-driven architecture.