August 31, 2022

Ben Epstein


Ben is a Founding Engineer at Galileo, a company focused on bringing a layer of data intelligence to NLP and unstructured ML projects. There, he works as a platform engineer, ensuring scalability and stability of the machine learning and statistical algorithms implemented by the ML research team.

Ben is also the co-host of the bi-weekly MLOps Virtual meetups, where industry and community experts show off amazing MLOps tools and frameworks through live coding sessions. No slideware, no fluff.

What do you work on?

  • Co-host the MLOps virtual coding meetups

What should people reach out to you about?

  • Being featured on the virtual meetups! If you have some framework or frameworks you’d like to show off, hit me up.

What are your goals in joining the MLOps Community?

  • Removing the marketing and overpromising of MLOps products, and finding the true gems in