August 31, 2022

Artem Yushkovskiy


Artem Yushkovskiy, Machine Learning Engineer building an ML Platform at Delivery Hero. Coming originally from the Information Security area, he pivoted to ML domain three years ago when joined ML startup Since then, he’s working mostly on platform and infrastructure level, as well as developing ML solutions.

What do you work on?

ML infrastructure, ML/MLOps solutions.

What should people reach out to you about?

  • new hands-on initiatives (both for fun and for a reason)
  • evening talks about K8s, MLOps, code quality, startup ideas, etc.
  • Friday night beers

What are your goals in joining the MLOps Community?

  • better understand MLOps problems that others face, not to feel lonely in this field
  • meet other professionals and learn from them
  • connect peop