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MLflow on AWS with Pulumi: A Step-by-Step Guide

Many data science and machine learning teams grapple with the challenge of effectively tracking numerous experiments and their corresponding results. Often, they resort to using cumbersome methods such as Excel spreadsheets and manual record-keeping, leading to overwhelming data management and... View article

Audio Generation with Mamba using Determined AI

Training the new Mamba architecture on speech + music data! As you might have noticed from my past blogs, most of my experience is in computer vision. But, recently, for obvious reasons (read: ChatGPT, LLaMas, Alpacas, etc…), I realized it’s... View article

The Role of AI Safety Standards in Modern MLOps

With the recent explosive growth of AI, particularly in Generative AI, the importance of safety and reliability has surged as a paramount concern for businesses, consumers, and regulatory bodies.  Recent safety standards and regulations as outlined in the EU AI... View article

Evaluation Survey Insights

In September 2023 we conducted a survey with the MLOps Community on evaluating LLM systems. More than 115 people participated. All of the response data is free for anyone to look at and examine. We encourage you to dig into... View article

Become the Maestro of your MLOps Abstractions

The MLOps ecosystem is evolving into a sophisticated symphony, composed of diverse tools, methodologies, and cultures. This diversity, while beneficial, also introduces a complexity reminiscent of the challenges encountered in Big Data systems. Data experts had to navigate through immense data... View article

Towards AGI: Making LLMs Better at Reasoning (1/2)

Techniques to make LLMs proficient in math and symbolic reasoning – by a former ML Engineer In a latest news by Reuters, several OpenAI staff researchers wrote a letter to the board of directors warning them of a powerful AI discovery (potential... View article

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