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Traceability & Reproducibility

Author: Vechtomova Maria In the context of MLOps, traceability is the ability to trace the history of data, code for training and prediction, model artifacts, and environment used in development and deployment. Reproducibility is the ability to reproduce the same... View article

The Minimum Set of Must-Haves for MLOps

Author: Başak Tuğçe Eskili In the previous article we introduced MLOps maturity assessment. That assessment can also be interpreted as MLOps standards, a checklist for ML models before they go to production. It is highly recommended to include these standards as part of... View article

MLOps Maturity Assessment

Author: Vechtomova Maria As more and more companies rely on machine learning to run their daily operations, it’s becoming important to adopt MLOps best practices. However, it can be hard to find structured information on what those best practices actually... View article