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DREAM: Distributed RAG Experimentation Framework

A blueprint for distributed RAG experimentation using Ray, LlamaIndex, Ragas, MLFlow & MinIO on Kubernetes Contents 1. 🌟 What is DREAM? 2. 🚶 Code Walkthrough 3. 📍 Conclusion 1. 🌟 What is DREAM? a. 🤔 What is it, really? Given... View article

Evaluation Survey Insights

In September 2023 we conducted a survey with the MLOps Community on evaluating LLM systems. More than 115 people participated. All of the response data is free for anyone to look at and examine. We encourage you to dig into... View article

How to Build a Knowledge Assistant at Scale

Introduction The discussion about the myriad applications of Large Language Models (LLMs) is extensive and well-trodden in tech circles1. These models have opened many use cases, reshaping sectors from customer service to content creation. However, an often-overlooked aspect in this... View article

LLMOps: Why Does It Matter?

MLOps has become a popular term in the context of machine learning pipelines. It refers to the various operations involved, from building models to deploying them in real-world settings. Its goal is to ensure that machine learning processes are reproducible,... View article

Competitive Differentiation for Foundation Models in the LLM Space

Compute Performance, Safety and Alignment, Accuracy and Retrieval Augmented Generation are Three Emerging Differentiation Vectors Machine Learning foundation models are a new category that has largely been undifferentiated – the major providers have been competing on similar types of customer... View article

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