Local MLOps Community Meetups Worldwide

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Local MLOps Community organizers host monthly and quarterly meetups that highlight 2-3 speakers on the topic of…you guessed it…MLOps. These speakers include machine learning engineers, data scientists, cofounders, CTO’s, and AI business leaders.

We see these meetups as a way to have fun with people who are equally confused about MLOps and trying to figure stuff out. People who get that machine learning isn’t magic and data scientists and MLEs are not undercover magicians. Although that would be cool.

Who You’ll Meet in our Communities

The MLOps Community brings together practitioners across industries working on the unique challenges of operationalizing machine learning. As a community, we strive to create a space for MLOps practitioners solving some of today’s toughest tech problems to come together, feel inspired to approach old problems in new ways and share the hard-earned lessons.

The MLOps Community is made up of the best technical minds in MLOps – ML engineers, data scientists, software engineers, AI researchers and technical product managers – all working together to build new solutions and improve upon old ones. Some of the titles of the folks you’ll meet in our meetup groups are:

  • Director of Data Science
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • VP Engineering
  • Data Scientist
  • Technical Founder
  • CTO
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Data Engineers
  • VP Data & Analytics
  • Consultants

Upcoming Events

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