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What do you do?

Seldon Deploy is an Open Core platform that provides scalable deployment, management, monitoring and explainability of machine learning models at scale. Our platform is used across FTSE100 organisations across life sciences, automotive, finance, insurance and more, and is powered by our open source projects Seldon Core, Alibi, Tempo and MLServer.

How much does it cost?

Pay per model tiers


What’s a sample use case? Where can I learn from?

  • Advanced Drug Discovery
  • Insurance Credit Scoring with Explainability
  • Retail Recommender Systems

Feature List

  • Scalable Deployment of Models and Advanced Monitoring Components
  • Feature Distributions
  • Monitoring Drilldown
  • Model Performance (Accuracy, Precision, Recall, Specificity, etc)
  • Explainability (Tabular, Text, Image data)
  • Outlier Detection
  • Drift Detection


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