What do you do?

Algorithms rule our lives – from news consumption to mortgage financing, our lives are driven by algorithms. Most algorithms are AI-based and increasingly black boxes. We cannot allow algorithms to operate with a lack of transparency. We need accountability to build trust between humans and AI. 

Fiddler allows enterprises to build a centralized platform to monitor and analyze AI models with simple plug-in integration and helps businesses understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind their AI. The platform monitors AI models for data drift, data integrity issues, outliers, and performance drops. With Explainable AI at the core, Fiddler automatically generates actionable insights, providing full visibility into each incident in real-time. In addition, the platform enables users to do a thorough analysis, including bias and fairness analysis, on their AI models to comply with regulations and minimize risks. 

Fiddler’s Explainable AI empowers businesses to build trustworthy AI solutions across industries for use cases like loan underwriting, fraud detection, and customer churn detection. By fostering transparency in AI, Fiddler also allows regulated industries to deploy AI in previously inaccessible use cases.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the monthly usage of active events per second and the number of models. 


What’s a sample use case? Where can I learn from?

  • Banking – Centralized ML model monitoring and validation platform to meet OCC compliance regulations and unlock additional revenue by enabling the launch of high-performing AI models with explainability
  • E-commerce – Centralized ML model monitoring to gain observability into effects of features on specific user segments to provide more relevant search results and recommendations
  • Gaming – Centralized ML model monitoring to continuously monitor the performance of in-game model operations and use XAI to reduce model debugging time
  • Adtech – Centralized ML model monitoring to continuously monitor the performance of ad model predictions and optimize outcomes in real-time
  • Recruiting – Explainable AI to check for bias and provide explanations for job matches and recommendations

Feature List

  • Monitoring
    • Check Data Drifts and quickly analyze the root cause with Drift Analytics, powered by XAI
    • Capture Data Integrity violations such as missing value, type mismatch, and range mismatch in real-time
    • Discover Outliers and inspect each case with XAI
    • Get a quick overview of your Model’s Performance and accuracy
    • Set up your own Real-time Alerts and debug when it matters
  • XAI
    • Dig deeper into specific scenarios and validate your model with Query-based Analytics
    • Generate Model Explanations (Tabular & Text) to evaluate and validate your model with business stakeholders
    • Stay compliant and responsible with Fairness and Bias evaluation
  • Build your own Dashboards to share insights with key stakeholders


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