What do you do?

With DataRobot MLOps, you have a single place to deploy, monitor, and manage all your production models, regardless of how they were created or where they are to be deployed, in a fully governed manner. MLOps improves the overall quality of your models using advanced automated machine learning health monitoring and accommodates for changing conditions via continuous automated model competitions (aka ‘Champion/Challenger’ mechanisms). It also ensures all centralized production machine learning processes work under a robust governance framework across your organization, leveraging and sharing the load of production management with additional teams you already have in place.

How much does it cost?

MLOps is priced as the combination of a platform fee and optional tiered packages. Tiers are “up-to” packages that allow for additional numbers of MLOps models depending on customer needs. There is also a self-service pay as you go model.

Feature List


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