What do you do?

Censius AI Observability platform is the enabler of the next step in AI evolution: AI Observability. Building best-in-class black box models is no longer enough since they gradually degrade with changing data. This incurs high maintenance efforts and weakens customers’ trust. AI Observability increases transparency and aims to recover models before significant impact on customers.

Censius enables AI Observability through monitoring, explainability, and analytics. It can track model performance, data quality, model drifts, biases, outliers, and much more across several models and versions. Once an issue is detected, Censius sends instant alerts to the user who can then avail Censius Explainability’s guided roadmap to detect the root cause and debug it. Censius can work on any model and can integrate with your favorite machine learning tools.

Automated monitoring allows data scientists, machine learning engineers, and business leaders to redirect their efforts toward building new solutions and improving business outcomes.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the number of models and the prediction volume per month.


What’s a sample use case? Where can I learn from?

Monitoring and explainability add significant value to industries that are dynamic and require prompt action such as FinTech, AdTech, EdTech, and Healthcare sectors to name a few. Get in touch with us here to learn how your industry and organization can benefit specifically from AI Observability.


  • Help customers understand why their loan application was rejected and assess if the credit model is unfairly discriminating against particular groups
  • Help investigators understand why the system has flagged a transaction as suspicious, and convince regulators that the system to automate investigations is reliable
  • Explain how customers can reduce the risk of transactions getting blocked erroneously by monitoring the performance and stability of a fraud-detection algorithm
  • Send early warning when data drift is likely to impact the accuracy of models that automates operational processes, and assess the model reliability to determine the appropriate level of human supervision


  • Explain why a  player churned and deliver a personalized and targeted offer to mitigate the churn in real-time
  • Detect drifting patterns of ad engagement in real-time and adapt media creatives and messaging accordingly with AI-generated insights
  • Send alerts instantly in case of ad blindness and discover the shortest path towards debugging the root cause of blockers to pump up engagement

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Feature List

Censius Monitoring

  • Drift detection– detect data drifts and concept drifts through consistent comparisons between various distributions
  • Performance dips- detect and flag specific data segments where the performance dipped below the threshold value
  • Data quality assessment- Keep tabs on multiple factors that affect data quality such as missing values, data ranges, new values, and more
  • Outlier detection- Easily visualize and detect anomalous data and results with the help of segmented data 
  • Bias detection- Instantly detect potentially biased distributions and avail the roadmap for fixing the root cause to promote model fairness
  • Continuous monitoring– consistently log and supervise model inputs and outputs to detect performance dips, poor data quality, and model drifts 
  • Automated threshold detection– Set up monitors with only a few clicks and leave threshold analysis and detection to the platform
  • Customizable alerts- Send real-time alerts to specific team members and prioritise violations with high, medium, and categories

Censius Explainability

  • Model comparisons- Compare models and performance histories across several versions
  • Data segmentation- Improve performance for specific cohorts by identifying and customizing data segments to study localized behavior
  • Baseline comparisons- Set up baseline distributions to proactively locate model drifts after comparison with the latest distributions
  • Customizable dashboards- set up fully customizable dashboards with multiple options for interactive visuals, ideal for analysis, stakeholder interactions, and reports
  • Ground-truth not required- Evaluate model performance without having direct access to ground-truth data

Platform agnostic

Any platform | Any model | Any infrastructure


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