Comet ML

Model Store Overview

Vendor Name

Comet ML

Stand-alone vs. Platform

Stand-alone tool.

Delivery Model

Available as a free community product, self-service commercial software, and managed enterprise product.

Clouds Supported

Any cloud environment.

Pricing Model

Seat-based licenses.

Service Level Guarantees

Comet Enterprise: there are service level guarantees that depend on your plan.


Comet Enterprise: there are service level guarantees that depend on your plan.


Community: None.
Comet Enterprise: advanced user management options.

Security and Compliance

Community: None.
Comet Enterprise: advanced user management options.

Model Store Capabalities


Community: install Comet's SDK and add two lines of code to your jobs.
Comet Enterprise: In addition to the above, a full system deployment is typically required (it is possible to purchase Enterprise licenses for the cloud product as well).

Flexibility, Speed, and Accessibility

Comet's metadata structure is static. UI built to scale to tens of thousands of experiments and models. Full APIs to access all parts of the platform (Python and REST).

Model Versioning, Lineage, and Packaging

Model versioning
Data lineage

Comet also supports full lineage by tracking the data, code and paramaters used during a training run as well as any data or model generated by that training run.

Log and Display of Metadata

Comet has an experiment tracking solution that tracks out of the box:
Source code
Parameters and metrics
Artifacts consumed or generated from the training run

It is possible to manually log complex data types to adapt to any workflow. The most commonly logged data includes:
Geo-spacial data

Comparing Experiments and Models

Models and Experiments can be compared through:
Table interface: Allows for quick comparison of parameters and metrics.
Panel interface: Allows for in depth comparison of parameters and metrics.

The panel interface supports over 100 visualization types including line charts, bar charts, parallel coordinates charts, and image viewers. Custom panels can be created and shared for any visualizations that are not currently supported.

Organizing and Searching Experiments and Models

Experiments and models belong to a project and each project belongs to a workspace.

Comet supports:
Searching by tag
Filtering experiments in the UI based on any parameter and value
Fully customizable table

Model Review, Collaboration, and Sharing

Support for moving models between different stages including staging and production but also any other custom stage.
Artifacts are immutable and ensure full reproducibility of deployed models.

CI/CD/CT Compatibility

The Model Registry can be integrated with any CI/CD system.


Comet integrates with many third-party libraries and tools, you can refer to the Comet documentation and blog for a full list of supported integrations.


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