Splice Machine

Commercial Information

Vendor Name

Splice Machine


Original Creators: Monte Zweben, Gene Davis

Stand-alone vs. Platform

Part of the Splice Machine ML platform

Delivery Model

Self-managed commercial or fully-managed cloud service

Clouds Supported

AWS, GCP, Azure, On-Prem

Pricing Model

Per Node Pricing, Other

Service Level Guarantees

Uptime, Serving latencies


24 x 7 support & response time guarantees

Feature Store Capabilities

Feature Definitions

Not available

Automated Transforms

Not available (pipelines run outside of Splice Machine)

Feature Ingestion

Batch ingestion with SQL

Streaming ingestion with Spark Streaming

Storage and Feature Processing Infrastructure

Online and offline storage in Splice Machine DB

Feature Processing: Splice Machine DB

Feature Sharing and Discovery

Web UI

Searchable feature catalog with metadata

Feature discovery including feature values

Training Dataset Generation

Dataset generated using training views defined in SQL

Row-level time travel

Online Serving

SQL and API endpoint

Monitoring and Alerting

Data drift detection

Security and Data Governance

Data remains in end-user's cloud account



Data encryption at rest and in flight


Batch data: Any Spark or JDBC/ODBC enabled system

Streaming data: Any Spark of JDBC/ODBC enabled system (Kafka with first class support)