Commercial Information

Vendor Name



Feature store created by Iguazio. Includes open source components created and maintained by Iguazio

Stand-alone vs. Platform

Part of the Iguazio Data Science Platform

Delivery Model

Open source components, self-managed commercial, and fully-managed cloud service

Clouds Supported

AWS, GCP, Azure, On-Prem

Pricing Model

Cloud service: consumption pricing

Self-managed: per node pricing

Open source: free

Service Level Guarantees



24 x 7 support & response time guarantees

Feature Store Capabilities

Feature Definitions

Feature transformation service for defining features (incl. transformations and materialization)

Feature definitions are managed centrally

Automated Transforms

Feature transformation pipeline to automate feature processing

Managed Batch, Streaming and Real-Time Transformations

Automated backfill of historical data

Pipeline visualization

Feature Ingestion

Spark and SQLAlchemy batch feature ingestion into offline & online store

Spark Streaming and Nuclio feature ingestion into offline & online store

Storage and Feature Processing Infrastructure

Online storage: Key-value database

Offline storage: S3, Azure Blob, Google Storage

Feature Processing: Spark

Feature Sharing and Discovery

Web UI

Searchable feature catalog with metadata

Feature discovery including transformations, data lineage, and values

Feature versioning and dependency management

Training Dataset Generation

Dataset generated from offline storage using Python SDK

Online Serving

Serving endpoint / API for online data

Monitoring and Alerting

Data drift detection

Data quality monitoring

Monitoring of serving latencies and uptime

Security and Data Governance

Data remains in end-user's cloud account



Batch data: Any database, object store, or HDFS

Streaming data: Kafka and Kinesis


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