Feast Feature Store

Commercial Information

Vendor Name

Feast Feature Store


Co-created by GO-JEK and Google Cloud, now governed by the Linux Foundation with Tecton as main contributor

Stand-alone vs. Platform

Stand-alone feature store, integrates with 3rd party MLOps platforms

Delivery Model

Open source

Clouds Supported

AWS, GCP, Azure, On-Prem

Pricing Model

N/A (open source only)

Service Level Guarantees



N/A (open source only)

Feature Store Capabilities

Feature Definitions

Not available

Automated Transforms

Not available (pipelines run outside of Feast)

Feature Ingestion

Python (Feast 0.10) / Spark (Feast 0.9) batch feature ingestion into online store

Storage and Feature Processing Infrastructure

Online storage: Cloud Firestore (Feast 0.10) and Redis (Feast 0.9)

Offline storage: S3, Google Storage, Data Warehouse

Feature Sharing and Discovery

Searchable feature catalog with metadata

Feature discovery including feature values

Feature versioning

Training Dataset Generation

Dataset generated from offline storage using Python SDK

Online Serving

Serving endpoint / API for online data

Monitoring and Alerting

Not available

Security and Data Governance

Data remains in end-user's cloud account


Data encryption at rest


Batch data: BigQuery, Google Storage, S3