MLOps – 2021 Year in review

This post is inspired by community member Eugene Yan’s 2021 year in review. I thought it would be nice to review what we have accomplished over the year and see how far we’ve come. Unlike Eugene’s blog, we never had... View article

What is the secret formula for MLOps success?

This article is written by Hristo Krastev ( The original post can be found here ). Clearly, no mastermind holds the key. A better place to search might be in the sleepless nights and the overtime hours spent on operationalizing... View article

Getting a job in MLOps

Hey, I am Nilansh and I wanted to share my story about how I got my latest job. Hopefully, this will inspire others. It’s a bit of my journey so bear with me! Background I graduated with my bachelor’s in... View article

MLOps New Tool Tuesday Roundup

This is a collection of Newsletter blurbs about some of the new MLOps tools I see in the community. Launchable.AI Simplify the deployment of models Korey MacDougall built out FastServe, a service to convert your pre-trained models into... View article

What I learned after an hour with Jeremy Howard

It isn’t often you get to chat with a living legend. But that’s exactly what happened this past July when’s Jeremy Howard joined us for an hour-long interview. He’s been one of the most requested guests on the podcast,... View article

ML PoC Loop

PoCs and the law of diminishing returns

How do you get out of ML PoC Hell?  There’s no escaping them. Proof of Concepts are like machine learning’s training wheels.  Pilots, prototypes, and MVPs give ML pros a way to quickly validate the business value of an ML... View article

MLOps is bananas

The MLOps Community in 2020

The year 2020 was… eh… you know it wasn’t good. However, there were some silver linings. For those of us practicing machine learning (ML), the MLOps Community was a much needed forum. Even before the pandemic, this community would have been a... View article

MLOps vs DevOps. What’s the difference?

When I first got involved in MLOps, there was a steep learning curve. One of the things that helped me climb it was to look at the parallels with DevOps. If you’re coming from a software development background, it’s one... View article

Top 9 MLOps Community Podcasts (Thus Far)

Each interview we have done with guests has been unique and insightful. that being said since we are putting out so much content and there are so many new people joining the community every day I wanted to put together... View article

a roll of money

MLOps New Tool Tuesday

This is a round-up of all the New Tool Tuesdays that have gone into the MLOps community newsletter thus far. Feel free to subscribe to the newsletter and stay up to date here. Cash Money! No need to waste all your... View article