Forging a Personal Chatbot with OpenAI API, Chroma DB, HuggingFace Spaces, and Gradio 🔥

If you have checked the Internet in 2023, you’re likely familiar with Generative AI. The launch of ChatGPT has sparked a surge in interest, investment, and innovative projects focused on Large Language Models (LLMs), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Yet, navigating this burgeoning field can be challenging: What tangible benefits... View article

ML Proverbs

Model Maxims & Data DogmasThis article was originally published on Leonard’s Substack. In the same vein as Rob Pike’s Go Proverbs, engineers relish a good aphorism. I’ve tried to consolidate these frequent murmurs of the ML/AI community into somewhat tangible anchors:... View article

Conversational Memory in LangChain with Milvus

LangChain is a robust framework for building LLM applications. However, with that power comes quite a bit of complexity. LangChain provides many ways to prompt an LLM and essential features like conversational memory. Conversational memory offers context for the LLM... View article

LLM Avalanche

At the end of June, I flew out to San Francisco to do three things:  I want to break down LLM Avalanche. Aside from being basically a mini-conference that we called a meetup, there were incredible learnings. It would be... View article

MLOps: More Oops than Ops

As model complexity increases exponentially, so too does the need for effective MLOps practices. This post acts as a transparent write-up of all the MLOps frustrations I’ve experienced in the last few days. By sharing my challenges and insights, I... View article

Building the Future with LLMOps: The Main Challenges

The following is an extract from Andrew McMahon’s book, Machine Learning Engineering withPython, Second Edition. Available on Amazon at Given the rise in interest in LLMs recently, there has been no shortage of people expressing the desire to integrate... View article