How to collaborate remotely as a data scientist

The pandemic has been brutal on collaboration. It doesn’t matter what secto you look at. Millions of people found themselves turned suddenly into remote workers when coronavirus landed. That included a lot of data scientists. Of course, another shift was... View article

MLOps is maturing, and here’s the evidence

Back in machine learning’s early days, every project was a trial run and many didn’t see daylight. Then big names with deep pockets like Google, Facebook and Amazon started pouring money into pioneering projects, and some of them have delivered... View article

Start Manually, Then Automate

We’ve all seen Google’s now-infamous paper (here, ICYMI) where they make a sweeping case for automating ML pipelines — pretty much from end to end. We’ve had a fair amount of pushback from the community on that. There’s lots in... View article

Perfect is the enemy of good in MLOps

‘If you’re not embarrassed by your first product release, you’ve released it too late’ — Reid Hoffman We’ve all heard of the study that says more ML projects fail than succeed. Even if you don’t accept the figure that’s usually bandied... View article

New Tool Tuesday – Part II

A collection of all the latest New Tool Tuesday excerpts from our MLOps weekly newsletter. Subscribe to get them fresh in your inbox here. Kites and Boxes Another ML Monitoring Solution? There is something very special about today’s “New Tool Tuesday”.... View article

When machine learning meets privacy

Privacy in Machine Learning is a complicated subject. Let’s look at why. Back in 2012, US retail chain Target created an algorithm that could work out if customers were pregnant based on their past purchasing behaviour. After analysing historical data, they used... View article

Jupyter Notebooks In Production?

The easiest way to get a good thread going on the community slack is to ask about notebooks. Here are a few of my favorite threads on Jupyter notebooks and the love/hate relationship we have of them in the MLOps community. Should you... View article

Engineering Labs

Premises Since I joined the MLOps Community, many things have changed. People like Demetrios Brinkmann, David Aponte and many others work hard together spreading knowledge about MLOps and ModelOps disciplines. They promote several initiatives like Slack channel, Coffee Sessions, Meetups, and Talks. With experts... View article