Posts by: Médéric Hurier (Fmind)

Become the Maestro of your MLOps Abstractions

The MLOps ecosystem is evolving into a sophisticated symphony, composed of diverse tools, methodologies, and cultures. This diversity, while beneficial, also introduces a complexity reminiscent of the challenges encountered in Big Data systems. Data experts had to navigate through immense data... View article

Forging a Personal Chatbot with OpenAI API, Chroma DB, HuggingFace Spaces, and Gradio 🔥

If you have checked the Internet in 2023, you’re likely familiar with Generative AI. The launch of ChatGPT has sparked a surge in interest, investment, and innovative projects focused on Large Language Models (LLMs), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). Yet, navigating this burgeoning field can be challenging: What tangible benefits... View article

Is AI/ML Monitoring just Data Engineering? 🤔

While the future of machine learning and MLOps is being debated, practitioners still need to attend to their machine learning models in production. This is no easy task, as ML engineers must constantly assess the quality of the data that... View article

Fixing the MLOps Survey on LLMs with ChatGPT API: Lessons Learned

Large Language Model (LLM) is such an existing topic. Since the release of ChatGPT, we saw a surge of innovation ranging from education mentorship to finance advisory. Each week is a new opportunity for addressing new kinds of problems, increasing human productivity, or improving existing solutions. Yet, we may wonder... View article

We need POSIX for MLOps

Author: Médéric Hurier (Fmind) If you work on MLOps, you must navigate an ever-growing landscape of tools and solutions. This is both an intense source of stimulation and fatigue for MLOps practitioners. Vendors and users face the same problem: How can we combine all these tools... View article